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Call Englewood’s Emergency Dentist Today!

Why Choose Tarpon Shores Dental For Emergency Dentistry?

Woman holding jaw in pain

(Are you or a family member currently experiencing serious dental damage or pain? Contact us right away so that we can arrange an appointment!)

Dental emergencies can happen for a variety of reasons over time, whether they develop gradually or are caused by a sudden, shocking injury. Of course, one aspect is the same across all cases: they’re never planned. If you are struggling with a situation like this, don’t hesitate to reach out to Tarpon Shores Dental.

Dr. Mesh and his team members have lots of experience when it comes to treating dental emergencies, and they also understand the importance of needing relief FAST. They will make every effort to accommodate your case as soon as possible. The last thing we want is to keep anyone in pain waiting! Contact our Englewood location today to schedule an emergency appointment – we can also provide guidance and first-aid tips over the phone. 

We Can Assist You with the Following Dental Emergencies:

Man receiving dental treatment

Have you broken a bone? Are you experiencing heavy oral bleeding that isn’t responding to pressure? Please go straight to your nearest emergency room as a first step. Once you have received any necessary treatment, our team can accommodate you and provide the necessary restorative care.

How Can I Avoid Dental Emergencies?

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Emergency Dentistry FAQs

woman in blue shirt holding her mouth in pain

Dental emergencies such as painful toothaches or sudden tooth loss can be traumatic and anxiety-inducing. To help you alleviate your worries during a situation like this, we’ve decided to answer some of our most commonly asked questions about emergency dentistry down below. Our goal is to help ease your tension and leave you feeling more empowered. If you’re experiencing an urgent dental problem, you don’t have to fight it by yourself. Instead, contact your dentist in Englewood right away!

How Do I Know If I Have a Dental Emergency?

Believe it or not, it’s not always obvious whether what you’re dealing with warrants urgent care. For example, a toothache might not seem like an emergency situation until it reaches the point that it prevents you from sleeping or eating normally. If you’re in doubt, it never hurts to schedule an appointment with us. That way, if there is a problem, we can treat it sooner rather than later.

How Much Does Emergency Dental Care Cost?

Because the various treatments needed to address dental emergencies can greatly vary, we can’t provide a set cost of emergency dental care. We can guarantee, though, that when you visit us with an emergency, our team will determine the root cause of your problem and give you a fair price for the treatment needed to get your oral health back on track.

Will My Dental Insurance Cover the Cost of Emergency Treatment?

One of the main reasons to get dental insurance is knowing that should an emergency strike, you can receive the care you need without undergoing a major financial strain. While every plan is different, the vast majority of plans cover at least one emergency visit a year. When you contact your emergency dentist in Englewood, a member of our team will be more than happy to help you file your claims and look for any available benefits.

Is There a Way to Prepare for a Dental Emergency?

Although dental emergencies can’t always be prevented, it helps to prepare an emergency kit with a few helpful items on hand. Keep one of these kits in your car, at home, in your purse, or even in your desk at work, just in case. Include the following items:

My Toothache Went Away. Should I Still Schedule an Emergency Visit?

Yes! Some medical problems, like the common cold, go away on their own. Unfortunately, this isn’t the case for dental issues. Even if your toothache subsides, you should still see us so we can figure out the cause of your discomfort and prevent it from returning. Waiting too long for treatment could result in your pain worsening and, if your toothache is due to an infection, that infection spreading to other areas.

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