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Cosmetic Dentistry in Englewood Can Help Your Smile Shine

Why Choose Tarpon Shores Dental For Cosmetic Dentistry?

Woman with flawless smile

Smiling is a big part of everyday life, whether you’re spending a fun afternoon with your friends, seeing a comedy show, or spending some relaxing time on the beach. You want to show off your happiness, after all! Unfortunately, many people struggle with flawed teeth that they choose to hide from view, avoiding laughing, grinning, and even talking too animatedly for fear of embarrassment. At Tarpon Shores Dental, we want to help you enjoy true self-confidence once more through cosmetic dentistry. Our available services can erase frustrating flaws and elevate your appearance to amazing levels. Contact us today here in Englewood to schedule an initial consultation with Dr. Mesh.

Porcelain Veneers

Closeup of teeth compared to tooth color chart

Are you interesting in giving your smile a comprehensive makeover? Porcelain veneers may be the best way to accomplish this goal. They are designed from high-quality dental ceramic and extremely thin in nature; this design allows them to fit over the front surfaces of visible teeth in order to hide their current appearance from view behind a gorgeous, natural-looking replacement. Veneers are ideal for patients with misshapen teeth, large gaps, permanent staining, or other significant aesthetic concerns. Don’t hesitate to let our team know if you’d like to explore this option in further detail.

Reshaping & Bonding

Patient receiving dental care

Even small dental flaws like chips and cracks can draw your attention in the mirror or in photos. At Tarpon Shores Dental, Dr. Mesh can address these issues effectively and efficiently with cosmetic reshaping techniques. This process only takes a single appointment in most cases, and we will use tooth-colored composite resin to hide the flaw from view behind a lifelike addition. This method is very cost-effective, and the improvements can last for several years at a time.

Metal-Free Crowns

Animation of tooth with dental crown

If you have a prominent tooth that’s badly decayed, injured, or incomplete, fixing it with a metal crown can rob you of your appearance. Thankfully, there’s an alternative here in Englewood: all-porcelain, metal-free materials! Your new, tooth-colored crown will be designed to perfectly match your existing enamel – in fact, it will even reflect light in the same way. The material is also highly durable and functional for long-term use. Once the procedure is complete, even YOU will have a tough time discerning your actual dental structure from the new addition.

Tooth-Colored Fillings

Closeup of healthy smile during dental exam

Tooth-colored fillings allow our team to repair the damage done by cavities without having to negatively alter natural smiles – something that silver-colored filings could never accomplish. The tooth-colored composite resin we use will blend right in with enamel, and its conservative nature allows us to craft smaller, more minimally invasive fillings as well. Better yet, its metal-free nature will feel much more comfortable in the mouth – no painful sensitivity to hot and cold foods!

Crown Lengthening

Closeup of healthy teeht and gums

If your teeth appear overly short because of excessive gum tissue, crown lengthening can correct the problem. Dr. Mesh will simply remove small amounts of the natural gum line from around the affected teeth, creating a much more attractive and balanced appearance. Our team may also recommend this procedure if you’re in need of restorative care that can’t be accomplished without revealing more of the tooth’s shape underneath the gums. With the help of our advanced soft tissue laser, this procedure can be completed very comfortably in just one appointment.

Teeth Whitening

Senior woman with flawless smile

We all enjoy a hot cup of coffee in the mornings or red wine in the evenings after work, but many patients don’t know that regular exposure to these liquids can darken tooth enamel over time. Poor oral hygiene, smoking, and even genetics can reduce the brightness of your smile as well. Thankfully, ZOOM! Whitening is available here in Englewood to strengthen your natural glow. Our in-office procedure only takes an hour of your time, and you’ll be able to leave with simply stunning improvements.

Learn More About Teeth Whitening

Virtual Smile Design

Woman looking at her smile design on tablet computer

Pursuing the smile makeover of your dreams may feel intimidating – after all, what if the results you achieve by the end aren’t to your liking? In order to instill confidence in our patients, the Tarpon Shores Dental team utilizes virtual smile design technology before any actual treatment begins. All we need is a current photo of you, and we can manipulate the appearance of your teeth and gums to match the effects of certain services, essentially giving you a sneak preview of the future.

Learn More About Virtual Smile Design

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